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Dota 2 Gets Big Update Filled with Gameplay Balance Tweaks and Fixes
Tuesday 26 March 2013 - 23:32:26

Dota 2 is still in closed beta, but it's being enjoyed by millions of players each month as Valve has sent invitations to many different fans.

The studio is also supporting the game with weekly patches designed to keep things balanced and to eliminate any bugs that might appear.

This week's patch is no exception, as Valve has tweaked a variety of heroes and items, from the Drow Ranger to the Keeper of the Light, or the Tranquil Boots.

Various changes have also been made to the bot system, the user interface, as well as to the workshop mechanic that should have more options available.

Check out the impressive list of changes below, via Steam.


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Diablo III’s Demon Hunter Class Gets New Details, Fresh Video
Sunday 08 April 2012 - 18:09:14

Diablo III is eagerly awaited by millions of fans from all over the world, promising to deliver a brand new experience that continues the story of the series and introduces all sorts of elements to the dungeon crawling genre.

We already know all of its different character classes and even tried them out during the beta stage.

Now, in order to raise the hype surrounding Diablo III, Blizzard has begun offering new details about each class.

The first to get new information is the Demon Hunter, whose page on the Diablo III website has been updated with new details and even a fresh video showcasing the history of the class and gameplay with it.

“The demon hunters. Vengeful harbingers of righteous doom who bring swift judgment and death to the hellish creatures daring enough to trespass on the mortal lands of Sanctuary. Skilled archers, assassins, and trackers, demon hunters are perfectly honed instruments set to scour demons from the world. The fact that every last one of them has a deep and personal motivation to do so only sharpens their deadly purpose,” Blizzard said about the new class.

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